Spectacular Libraries in Europe.

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LOVE love this color:)

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Shorty Baekhyun’s struggle. ▄█▀█●

ah poor him…hihi

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Soooooooooooooooooooo Q~


Soooooooooooooooooooo Q~

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120211~12 • myungsoo @ second invasion

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Mochi Ice Cream

omg so many kindssss.

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this is my human. when human is fussy, i just pet it like this.

as you can see, human is calm.

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tori land: Dear No One

I like being independent

Not so much of an investment

No one to tell me what to do

I like being by myself

Don’t gotta entertain anybody else

No one to answer to

But sometimes, I just want somebody to hold

Someone to give me their jacket when its cold

Got that young love even when we’re…

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Fairy-tales. Fairy-tales. Chickens. Chickens.

It finally hit me. One thing I should’ve seen from the beginning. Thats whats failing me. I created a fantasy world. I thought I belonged here. I couldn’t differentiate between fantasy and reality. Its only now that I know. Its crazy, I’m crazy!

Things are starting to fall apart. I thought I got over the past. But somehow it keeps haunting me. I hate when I’m being left alone. I can’t seem to understand why. When I’m around others, I don’t think about them. But now i can’t even get over it. 

Its affecting me and my life. I ran away from it and my escape only made it bigger. The bigger it is the harder it is to defeat. Confuse? Hurt? Frightened? I don’t know how I feel. Its hard. Really hard to figure it out. It all became a lie. Deceived.

I deceived myself. I was in denial maybe?! I believed in a world where everything was perfect. Is that the right word? I wonder. How many times have I failed. Did I try to fix it? I’m lost. Like a wandering soul, I am. I can’t seem to see the light no more.

From the start things weren’t PERFECT. 

Now I just feel pathetic.

Swim Good (COVER) - Frank Ocean ;)


Running Along Railroads

Hi! I'm Eileen:). Currently sixteen and enjoying life in Arizona. I'm Filipino. SENIOR:) @ Westview High School.
"We went so far only to hurt ourselves. Things may happen for a reason but only we have the choice to make it into a positive or negative."
I believe we are the downfall of ourselves.